Stella Hiesmayr is systemic coach, specialized in stress reduction, vigor and the ability for relationship. She teaches, communication and interaction, at the University of Applied Sciences, Vienna. For the past 10 years she has worked with a vast variety of clientele, from hyperactive children, their parents, criminals, teachers, CEO´s, teams in conflict, hospital employees and the UN. She enhances classical coaching methods with elements from theater, meditation and self regulation. stella* is known to offer simple solutions for complex problems in an entertaining and interesting manner. She manages to empower her clients to grow beyond their known boundaries with a smile.

As a trainer, her key aspects are conflict management, state management and the ability of inner focus. She believes, that a well-balanced human has the potential to find solutions amidst great chaos.

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"I understand coaching, somewhat as personal training, creating an individual learning curriculum for every client." stella*